CREED-COOPERATION is triggered and motivated by the scarcity of our world’s resources due to reckless exploitation. Examples can be found every where – the mounting garbage piles, the deteriorating air quality, the unbearable thirst of some countries for water while others are drowning under their load. And – perhaps the most pressing- the conventional energy sources that are being rapidly consumed in methods that are disastrous for our environment.

How can we, as the Architects, Designers and Engineers of the environment, contribute to these pressing issues?

CREED-COOPERATION is an open network in higher education between institutions from different countries and within different disciplines. Until now some activities and projects between Germany, Brazil, India and Mozambique have been supported by DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) and IB of BMFB (International Bureau of the Federal Ministery of Research and Education) from the German site and other institutions from the partner countries.



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