Conference Recycling Design

Porto Alegre, 14.-16. March 2011
As well as energy recovery of waste by the industry and the reuse of materials like paper, metal and plastic, increasingly new items created from used materials have begun to appear in the market. Production efforts and collection activities in industry have a large impact on the environmentalism, such as the reducing of CO2 emission.

Recycling Design only makes a small contribution to this quantitative environmental impact but its qualities lie in the creation of sustainable consumption, communication of environmental problems like the ecological footprint by design (not just by endless speeches and moral writings), expanding creativity to the user and producer, and can be combined with diverse social benefits.

The projects presented from Germany aimed to reintegrating people to the labour market and to also sensitise people to recycling in a consumer-driven society. On the other hand recycling is a daily routine for many industries and necessary for  economic production. A key note speech, followed by more specific lectures will provide the base for the discussion on situations in our countries, further cooperation and future projects.

Download the conference program: RecyclingDesign (Program)

Conference participants:
Prof. Dr. Filipe Campelo (PPG Design UNISINOS), Prof. Verena Wriedt (Professor Furniture Development, HS OWL), Prof. Dr. Fabio Parode and Prof. Dr. Paulo Reyes (UNISIONS), Prof. Dip.-Ing. Uta Pottgiesser (Prof. Building Construiction and Material, HS OWL), Prof. Ulrich Nether (Professor Product Design, HS OWL), Prof. Dr. Carlos Moraes (PPG Engenharia Civil, UNISINOS), Prof. Dr. Cláudio Senna (Gestao Amviental, UNISIONS), Prof. Dr. Luciana Gomes (PPG Engenharia Civil, UNISINOS)

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