CREED Summerschool

In October 2009, 25 students and teachers from Israel, Brazil, India and Mozambique and the University OWL came together for a two-week international workshop “Summer school CREED” (Climate Related Energy Efficient Development).
At the Detmold campus Emilie they shared their experiences and visions of urban planning and architecture. The focus was on the question how climate protection, energy efficient architecture and new forms of mobility, but also water supply and sanitation or waste management can be implemented in different countries under the different conditions.

Here the continents and various disciplines encompassing approach leaded to many new ideas. During the seminar it became clear that linking the various traditional building methods with modern technology in an intelligent way would be a matter in future.

Also the users of the buildings must get knowledge about the proper use of the techniques.
Several specific projects have been agreed among the four partners. Including two large flagship projects are: It will establish a building in Maputo, which is an information center and symbol of the idea of climate-friendly, energy-efficient development. And a second building could show intelligent solutions maybe in Brazil or Germany.

Project participants:
UEM: Prof. Anselmo Lourenco Cani, Prof. Anuar Vino Mussagy, Cutódio Conceicao, Judas Cossa, Pedro M.Louro, Veichali Mahendra, Zefanias Muhate, Manuel Nhanzimo,
UNISINOS: Pro. Dr. Betina Martau, Prof. Dr. Fabio Parode, Luhcas Alves, Tiago Balem, Caroline Campos
UFMG: Prof. Dr. Flávio Carsalade, Prof. Dr M. A. P. de Rezende, Maatheus Amantéa, Carolina Castro, Luiza Corrêa, Dânia Lima, Clarissa Sapori
HS OWL: Prof. Dr. Uta Pottgiesser, Christine Aegeneyndt, Robert Naumann, Sonja Kleibaumhüter, Atalia Gilad, Rivi Waldman, Soumen Adhikary, Sven Detering, Prof. Martin Hölscher, Prof. Oliver Hall, Prof. Marco Hemmerling, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Knaack, Prof. Jens-Uwe Schulz, Prof. Dr. J. Dohmann, Dr. Dr. Joachim Fettig, Prof. Dr. H.-G. Ramke
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