Designing for Migration Workers

Kerstin Frick, Dean Faculty of Architecture, Hindustan University

In cooperation with: Hindustan University Chennai: artist Markus Heinsdorff, Germany and Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe, University of Applied Sciences in Detmold, Germany.

The exhibition, addressed the results of the attempt to address the pressing issue of housing for migration workers in India and presented innovative and attractive solutions, attempting to remove, the stigma attached to low cost housing of being unattractive.

During the introductory workshop on 20/21 July 2013, organised by the Goethe Institute and conducted with artist Markus Heinsdorff at Hindustan University, experimental possibilities in textile mobile and permanent structural design for diverse climates were investigated with students of Architecture.

The goal of the workshop was to develop new forms of living and mobility with appealing design and innovative technologies Attractive for all parts of society, these concepts, could be used, internationally and serve people without shelter as a home.

Taking the ideas of the work shop further and bringing the concept into the Indian context, the Post Graduate Program of Architecture at Hindustan University dedicated this Semester’s Design Studio to the design of housing units for migration workers, a societal group often neglected and conveniently forgotten.

Adopting the curriculum to address existing conditions and attempting an equitable approach, a wide range of materials were explored creating new scenarios. The innovative studio guidance was complemented with Skype conferences with Mr. Heinsdorff.

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