Facade2013 – Mockups for Innovation

Before the international facade conference at the 29th of November 2013 took place there has been a three day façade workshop at the HS OWL Detmold, 35 students from master programs of four different Universities TU Delft, Bath University, Detmolder Schule, Hochschule Luzern and 21 nationalities joined the workshop organized from Mr. Anan Ashour from the Koordinator International Facade Design and Construction, Hochschule OWL. Goal of the workshop was to design new applications for metal gratings. The workshop was supported by the industrial association for metal gratings.

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The day before the Façade Symposium the results were presented for all students and representatives of the supporting companies of the industrial association for grillages. Bertholt Bröcker: “I am sure we can see some developed ideas in one or two years on the international market.” Dirk Schuchardt (Company: Lichtgitter) highlighted in his closing speech: “Very impressive how innovative but still pragmatic your student developed their ideas in an international atmosphere which I didn`t expect in this deep in Detmold.”

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