Student Workshop in Seoul

Seoul, the capitol of South Korea, is together with the cities of Incheon and Sawon the second biggest conurbationand has 23,8 millions inhabitants. Renowed architects such as Fushimoto Maki from Japan were participants of the conference. A workshop for 50 international students took place at the same time. The Detmold students MeikeHumpert and Jens Renneketook place (fig. 1) and the professors Dr. Uta Pottgiesser and Michel Melenhorsttogether with their Korean partner architects Im Seong Phil (ZIP) andKim Chang Gyun (UTAA) were leading one team each (fig. 2). Within 5 days the 9 workshop teams were creating new concepts for the mega structure “Sewoon Arcade”, the famous symbol of the modern development of Seoul after the Korean War. Students had to deal with questions such as: is it useful to keep and maintain such a structure? With which means can we integrate themegastructure into the surroundings? The presentations took place at the famous new landmark building DDP Dongdaemun Design Plaza designed by Zaha Hadid and are visible at:

Prof. Dr. Pottgiesser and Prof. Melenhorst also visited two universities in Seoul. A new exchange programme was initiated between the Korea National University of Arts (K-ARTS) and the Detmold School. Another meeting took place at Yonsei University with Prof. Dr. Ghang Lee and his students (fig.). Ghang Lee who was involved with the design of the facade of theZahaHadid building DDP presented his work in the area of Building Information Modeling (BIM).The Korean professor had great interest in the advanced Detmold master programmes MCDC( und IFDC (




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