efnMOBILE 2013-16

Emerging Envelopes. European Facade Centremobile  (AfH-ALCOA-F)D

Facade technology is the leading discipline within a building sector in terms of technological integration and technical complexity. It is also a highly discipline with a need sustainability and energy savings while maintaining the design ambitions of architecture. Thus, the topic and the technology play a key role with respect to sustainable design.

At the same time, there is a lack of understanding in the technology, fabrication, design integration, and the “physical making of things” within the academic education of architects and engineers. This Knowledge gap fresults in misunderstandings and a limited exploration of the potentials for more sustainable results. Experience in research and education shows that this can be solved by “making” experiences and conducting 1:1 workshops to inspire and educate young architects, engineers and designers.

Against this background, the European Facade Network (EFN), a non-governmental association of the Universities Bath / United Kingdom, Delft / The Netherlands, Detmold / Germany, Lucerne / Switzerland and San Sebastian / Spain, is executing MSc programs in the field of facade design and construction and facade engineering.

These educational programs are interlinked to the research activities within the network and the participating universities, companies and industries.

To extend these links for students and develop a professional network for the new generation of architects, designers and engineers, the European Facade Network (EFN) established an annual series of rotating international conferences in Delft / Bath (The Future Envelope: summer event) and Detmold / Lucerne (facade20xx: winter event). Around these conferences, educational workshops and courses are organised and embedded in the individual curricula of the Master programs.

From 2013 to 2015 this international and interdisciplinary cooperation of the European Facade Network (EFN) is supported by two  grants from Architecture for Humanity (AfH) in partnership with the Alcoa Foundation. The grant is explicitly given to foster the already established knowledge-sharing and peer-to-peer learning events providing support for a new facility, materials and human  resources.

The European Facade Centermobile   is a traveling platform to provide the network, its conferences and workshops as well as the facade industry and community, with a regional platform for communication, exhibition, innovative development and interaction.

efnMobile 2013


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