1st Cooperation Talk

The Opening Cooperation Talk discussed the general scheme and planning schedule for the CREED Summer School, while sharing specific interests and expectations.

Taking into consideration each country’s traditions and local energy issues we gathered a range of topics of interest.
Some of these were:

  • Material applications;
  • New forms of energy;
  • Applying cultural aspects into a design;
  • Natural illumination and ventilation systems;
  • Designing interface systems that connect the users and the buildings, considering technical aspects of energy efficiency;
  • How to apply sustainable concepts in existing buildings and cities;
  • IT inputs

Concerning the SummerSchool layout and schedule it was suggested to work on a joint main project instead of, or in addition to the shorter focused workshops.

  • Apply CREED concepts on our projects
  • Incorporate new technologies and perceptions from different countries to our reality
  • Learn different design methodologies

It was made clear that there is a great interest on behalf of all the participants for future collaboration in workshops and different research projects

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