CREED Building Project 2010

A sustainable showcase building in Maputo/ Mozambique

Affordable housing for the world’s population is one of the biggest challenges of our time. Another problem is the increase of carbon dioxide emissions. These two issues are strongly connected and affected by each other: the- construction industry is one of the main contributors to carbon dioxide emissions.

The CREED Building Project 2010 aimed to develop a representative and appealing project using natural and highly available materials. Combining simple construction technologies with new trends of architecture design, an intelligent building in construction and in use would be obtained,- especially regarding energy efficiency.

With CREED, students with various backgrounds and countries were involved to obtain different inputs towards local solutions to a global problem, and to also promote a multicultural exchange.

This project could be a public use building, for instance a library linked with school in a “hotspot” of Maputo city, in order to get effective visibility and to be a reference for other parts of the city, the country and abroad.


  • Establish the first approaches with the various authorities
  • Finalise the project
  • Identify the “hotspot” (building site) and obtain the necessary permissions.
  • Identify technical and financial partners
  • Organise at least three groups from different countries
  • Survey construction materials and the costs involved
  • Organise the competition
  • Prepare a schedule that meets time limitations of the partners involved
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