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Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Ulrich Nether

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Kristina Herrmann, B.A.

Telefon: +49 (0)5231 769 - 6962






The Perception Lab has brought together lecturers from the Departments of Architecture, Interior Design and Media Production with the goal of making the perception of objects, space, and the medial environment by users or people in general, central to research and teaching.

Through the participation of various different fields of study from the areas of design, planning and visualisation, and through the additional integration of external experts from the areas of psychology and scenography, complex issues are examined from a holistic perspective. This cooperative effort serves to develop scientific and empirically ascertained knowledge about perception, in connection with experience from planning practice, to an application-oriented tool-kit for planning and design in the academic and practical realms.

To promote the research on an international level we founded the international network,  "Perception Network".

The Publication about the work of the PerceptionLab can be ordered for 15 € at the contact below

Contact:    Kristina Herrmann
                 Staff, Teaching and Research
                 Phone: 05231 - 769 6962