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M.Sc. Marcel Cardinali
Project Manager Research urbanLab


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The urbanLab combines competences and capacities in the fields of urban planning, landscape architecture, transport planning, urban water management and communication in order to strengthen existing research content through transdisciplinary cooperation and to open up new thematic areas. The departments 1 (Detmolder School of Architecture and Interior Design (urban planning) ), 3 (Faculty for Civil Engineering) and 9 (Faculty for Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning) are involved.

Current competitions and projects

Potential Study: Kreativ Quartier Detmold
Student Ideas Competition

Innovation Processes

At the interface between practice, research and teaching, we offer the opportunity to use student idea competitions and student projects to bring technically sound impulses and images into public discourse. The student results submit an open debate based on actual planning scenarios.

Research Projects

The urbanLab investigates the interactions between people and space in the field of tension between shrinking and growing cities, communities and regions. Through combinations of classical data collection and geo-referenced visualization, spatial knowledge becomes visible.

Living Lab

At the pulse of time, current issues and challenges are implemented and analysed in project form as a real laboratory. In combination with local actors and/or students will be best-practice examples and evidence-based spatial knowledge formed.

Feasibility Studies

Feasibility studies are strongly recommended due to the long durability of spatial developments. The urbanLab examines the effects and potentials of various development scenarios in the feasibility studies and thus provides a sound basis for decision-making.

Conferences & Workshops

Communication is an important component for knowledge transfer between research, practice and teaching. The symposium „Regional Salon“ debates future issues between researchers, planners and politicians. The „Lab of the Region“ develops project ideas from the citizenry in an open-space process.


The urbanLab Magazine regularly combines the current activities of the research focus with external contributions to a joint magazine, which is distributed free of charge to a professional audience. As experts in their field, the members also write individual articles on selected topics.