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The urbanLab deals with various growth and shrinking processes - be it the creeping population losses in local rural regions or the explosive growth of internationally networked metropolitan areas. These processes must be understood and planning solutions developed for the resulting problems. Growth and shrinkage often occur at the same time and place, and the affected regions can benefit from experience gained in other regions, even in the event of opposing developments.
The urbanLab is dedicated to this area of tension between growth and shrinkage, acquires research tasks in this area, carries out corresponding research projects and networks researchers and practitioners with its Regional Salon format.
The financing of the urbanLab depends on funds that have to be raised through partners. In order for the urbanLab to fulfil its various tasks, we are always on the lookout for further supporters and interesting cooperations.



Possible forms of cooperation or support are, for example, participation in publicly funded research projects, contract research, the introduction of topics into teaching as workshops, project or final theses, and doctorates. Further possible cooperations are consulting services, joint conferences, symposia or the appearance as an advertising partner. This partnership is aimed at companies as well as cultural initiatives, municipalities or other universities and research institutions.


We are at your disposal for personal conversations:

Prof. Oliver Hall (Speaker)

Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Rohler (Deputy Speaker)

Marcel Cardinali (Research associate)



T +49 5231 769-6329

F +49 5231 769-86329

M urbanlab(at)th-owl.de