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Master of Lighting Design

The master's course is designed to build on the student's previous studies by offering a focus on relevant, time-tested design and planning methods for lighting solutions whilst teaching the required technical and scientific background reflecting the current state of knowledge.

Scientific questions: \- In addition to this core focus on architectural lighting, specific courses are offered such Public Light Art, Lighting Design, Advanced Lighting Design, and Urban Lighting which address aspects such as sustainability, ethical conduct, and human-centred design. The primary goal of the master's course is to qualify students with backgrounds in interior design, architecture, or engineering for the growing interdisciplinary and international field of lighting design and planning.

Real-world collaboration:\- A particular emphasis is placed on real-world applications and close collaboration with external partners in the lighting industry, software manufacturers, architects, engineering firms, and other universities. That's why the programme has a long-term partnership with DIAL, the German Institute for Applied Lighting Technologies. DIAL is a modern, independent organisation with international experience in lighting planning and technology and the development of lighting planning freeware with many years' experience in training lighting planners and with extensive contacts in the international lighting industry and planning sectors. This course delivers a one-of-a-kind combination of well-founded academic education and professional, up-to-date real-world experience.

Application-Deadline: 31.03.

\- Courses are offered at both campuses Detmold and Lüdenscheid.