efnMOBILE 2.0 - Efficient Envelopes

efnMOBILE - International student workshops

The workshop programs "efnMOBILE- Emerging Envelopes" 2013-2016 and "efnMOBILE- Efficient Envelopes" in 2017 powered by Alcoa Foundation are a cooperation of the TU Delft in the Netherlands - Faculty of Architecture; Prof Dr. Ing. Ulrich Knaack and Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe (Germany) Detmolder Schule für Architektur und Innenarchitektur; Prof. Dr. Ing. Uta Pottgiesser.
The program will be a traveling workshop during the years 2013 till 2017; being active in several locations in Europe and provide the facility to experiment, build and evaluate building envelope constructions.

Alcoa Foundation

TU Delft, Faculty of Architecture, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Knaack
Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe, Detmolder Schule für Architektur und Innenarchitektur, Prof. Dr. Uta Pottgiesser