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Masters Programme "Sustainable Building and Management"

The building industry is one of the largest energy users and the largest producer of waste and residual materials in Germany. Attached to building activities are not only continuously rising energy and waste disposal costs but also pollutant and noise emissions, CO2 contamination and land consumption. The notion of comprehensive sustainability has, as a result of this, gained widespread acceptance.



This being said, the sustainable development, implementation and management of buildings and structures is coming more and more into the fore. Classical engineering and commercial aspects are of equal importance: choice and procurement of raw materials, processing of raw materials to efficient building materials and constructions, building logistics, process engineering during construction, material and energy efficiency of buildings and constructions, more effective facility management, the acceptance of buildings and constructions by their users and the general public, possible subsequent uses and as the case may be the demolition or recycling of building materials, constructional elements or complete structures.

Target group:

Within the framework of a consecutive model, the Masters Programme is available for in-faculty graduates, architect graduates and other interested educated construction specialists with the necessary education requirements.


Length of Study Programme:

The Masters Programme is a three semester programme, designed as an on-campus programme along the lines of the existing consecutively structured  7 semester Civil Engineering Bachelor Programme.

Please observe that lectures, seminars and all study programme related events are held in German. A good working knowledge of German is therefore a must in order to successfully take part in this study programme.

In principle, it would be conceivable to complete the Masters Thesis externally, so that the actual on-campus period could be reduced accordingly. Similarly it is possible to start the Masters Programme in the winter or summer semester.

Graduate Qualification:
Master of Engineering (M.Eng.)

Summer semester 2011

Closing date for applications:

Applications for the summer semester are possible up to 15 March. Applications for the winter semester should be submitted by 15 September.