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General Information

Should I continue studying or not?

After an undergraduate study programme in Civil Engineering or Industrial Construction Engineering or another field with comparative foundation subjects, you would like to broaden your knowledge? Your target is to gain qualifications for higher grade civil service positions or to study for a doctorate? You want to do further studies after gaining initial work experience?

The Masters Programme "Sustainable Building and Management" offers you a future-oriented and fascinating curriculum with excellent development possibilities. The classical catalogue of demands regarding the education and training of civil engineers such as functionality, stability and cost efficiency, is last but not least, extended by legislative means. Additional aspects include energy quality, resource protection, environmental relevance and life cycle costs.

You would like to broaden your knowledge in the area of sustainability? Along with the technical fundamentals of an extended engineering study programme, you value business administration course contents? You are aiming for a management position in the building industry?

The Masters programme "Sustainable Building and Management" unites both of the specialist core areas Civil Engineering and Industrial Construction Engineering. It provides the basis for successfully solving future tasks in the building and real estate industry as well as recognising market developments at an early stage and using these chances.




What prospects will I have after completion of the Masters Programme?

The construction and real estate industry is undergoing changes: future construction activities are developing from new construction to redevelopment of existing buildings and constructions. In addition, the construction and real estate industries are the largest energy and resource consumers as well as the largest producers of waste and residual materials. Future-oriented concepts and comprehensive sustainability are moving more and more into the foreground.

Know-how and expertise in the area of life cycle oriented planning, building and management are, as a result, decisive for your future career.

As a successful Graduate with a Masters qualification in "Sustainable building and management" you will......

  • have access to a career in research and development and the possibility of doing a doctorate, which will open doors to an academic career.

  • have access to higher grade civil service positions via the second state examinations.

  • have the chance to achieve a management position in the construction industry: the faculty has close contacts to regional and nationwide construction companies. Curriculum contents are continuously updated to include current developments in industry.