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Course of Studies

The standard study period for the Masters Degree Programme is three semesters, on completion the graduate qualification Master of Engineering (M.Eng) is awarded. The course of studies is completed with the master thesis in the third master’s semester or tenth study semester.

Admission requirements:

A Bachelor Degree or “Diplom” qualification in the subject of civil engineering or industrial construction engineering with a study period of seven semesters and an overall final grade of at least 2.5.

The examination board will decide……..

·         In the case of 6 semester study programmes with regard to possible additional academic work with a maximum of 30 ECTS

·         On the admission of architecture graduates or other practice-oriented study programmes with comparable specialist subjects from the area of civil engineering

Applications for the summer semester are possible up to 15 March. Applications for the winter semester should be submitted by 15 September.  

For all questions regarding admission requirements (application deadlines, required application documentation, questions concerning enrolment), please contact the Enrolment Office. Your contact partner is: Holger Schmidt

For all questions concerning the determination of previous qualifications, possibly required (concerns all applications from non civil engineering study programmes and those with a bachelor degree study period less than 7 semesters), please contact the Civil Engineering Faculty Examination Board. Your contact partner is: Prof. Andreas Falk

For all questions regarding study programme contents, please contact our Course Guidance Service for the master degree programme. Your contact partner is: Prof. Frank Stolze