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Industrial Construction Engineering

Wide-ranging professional profile – interdisciplinary and international oriented study programme:

As an Industrial Construction Engineer, you will increasingly have to provide solutions for technical problems in addition to dealing with business and legal framework and in doing so compete on an international stage.

The seven semester study programme, Industrial Construction Engineering, pursues an interdisciplinary approach and is in principle a focused study of industrial construction engineering, in the direction of Facility and Real Estate Management. The study programme conveys knowledge about the basic principles of technical matters on a par with economic matters. This is combined with skills in the areas of practice, language and intercultural communication.

Scope of activities:

Due to the fact that this study programme is interdisciplinary, it provides a far-reaching range of professional possibilites in specialist and management position in the areas

  •     Management and Controlling
  •     Real Estate Financing
  •     Marketing and Sales Management
  •     Materials Management and Logistics
  •     Investment and Production Planning
  •     International Construction Projects
  •     Leasing and Public Private Partnership

Industrial Sectors:

  •     Real Estate Business (Project Development or Housing Entreprises)
  •     Construction Industry
  •     Energy and Water Supply Entreprises
  •     Service Sector (Facility Management, Management Consultancy)
  •     Public Transport Services
  •     Banks and Insurance Companies
  •     Public Service Sector (Building Authorities)

Course programme contents:

The well-thought-out engineering studies is combined with business management and economic studies (marketing, financial management, accounting systems, sales management and personnel management) as well as legal studies (building law, business law and labour law).
Further focus points of the study programme include the communication of management techniques via subjects such as construction management, quality management and project management in addition to language, social skills and skills in the area of intercultural communication. Special purpose language courses in English and further languages e.g., French or Spanish are on offer.

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