Final presentation

30.Juli 2010

Summerschool 2010 – All together!

16:00h Final Notes

Prof. Marco Hemmerling – Last commendations

11:00h Final Presentation of the results of the Summerschool workshops

Group 9: Swarmobile
Group 4: The City of Mass Mobility

Special Guest: Stefanie Heissenberg, International Office, Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe
Group 8: A glimpse into the past – experimentation of urban spaces through mobility of the human body
Group 7: Motion without Mobility

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29.Juli 2010

20:00h German dinner

Bowle, Rotkohl with apple, Kartoffelknödel, Sauerbraten, Salad, Herrencréme, Jägermeister

German cooking team

9:00h Workshop

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Lectures and Excursion Herford

28.Juli 2010

20:00h Italian dinner

Spritz, Bruschette al pomodoro, Rigatoni alla Norma, Lasagne al pesto, Grappa, Café

Italian cooking team

14:00h Excursion to Herford

Exhibitions “Richard Neutra in Europa, Bauten und Projekte 1960–1970″, “Der Fotograf Julius Shulman, A Lifetime for Architecture” and “Stephan Mörsch, Landnahme” Marta Herford

11:00h Workshop

9:00h Lectures

Prof. Stefano Converso and prof. Ingrid Paoletti

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27.Juli 2010

13:30h Brazilian Dinner

Main dish: Chicken with Quiabo, Drink: Caipirinha, Dessert: Brigadeiro

Brazilian cooking team!

13:30h Lecture “eMobility”

Prof. Oliver Hall

11:00h Workshop

9:00h Lecture

Prof. Bruno Santa Cecília

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Lectures and workshop

26.Juli 2010

17:00h Workshop

14:00h Lectures

Prof. Yüksel Demir and Prof. Arzu Erdem

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Excursion Munich

25.Juli 2010




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Excursion Stuttgart

24.Juli 2010

15:00h Porsche museum

Guided tour

13:00h Weißenhofsiedlung

Weißenhof museum, Le Corbusier house

9:00h Mercedes-Benz-Museum

Presentation about the project, Prof. Marco Hemmerling

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Intermediate presentaion

23.Juli 2010

9:00h Intermediate presentation

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Lectures and Workshop

22.Juli 2010

19:30h English dinner

Gin tonic, traditional fish pies, apple and vanilla crumble with custard

English cooking team

11:00h Workshop 

Group discussion

9:00h Lectures “Digital Frisson”

Prof. Mathew Emmett, Prof. Doreen Bernath and Prof. David Strang (England)

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Excursion to Wolfsburg

21.Juli 2010

phæno science center



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