Detmolder Schule
City of Detmold


“Detmold? Doesn´t the Hermann monument stand there?” “It is situated somewhere in the Teutoburger forest, right?” “Don´t they have an Academy of Music?” This is how the first sentences about the old residence often sound. But Detmold has a lot more to offer.

In Detmold, the “City of Culture in the Teutoburg Forest”, you can find nearly everything: an original and intact old town, a varying cultural life, fun with shopping, attractive sights like the herman monument – it stands 386 metre above Detmold and it reminds of the “slaughter in the Teutoburger Wald” – or the open air museum, plenty of sport and leisure activities…

Detmold, founded around 1260, still has an original and intact old town with more than 500 historical monuments of different ages. It is surrounded by a charming landscape with gentle hills and valleys. Rural idylls and holidays on the farm are only a stones throw away. We are in the fortunate position to take you on many hiking trails and footpaths through the Teutoburg forest.

Did you know that Germany´s largest open-air museum, the Westphalien open-air museum Detmold, is situated here?
Or that the oldest and largest birds of prey centre of Europe, the Adlerwarte Berlebeck, is here with us?
Do you know the largest museum of our region, the national theatre of Lippe?
Did you know the princely residence castle is an excellent example of the architectural style “Weserrenaissance”?



Hermann monument

Westphalien open-air museum Detmold

Academy of Music

Residence Castle


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