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Detmolder Schule
für Architektur und Innenarchitektur

The Detmolder Schule für Architektur und Innenarchitektur offers a course of study in which theory and practice constitute a dynamic unit – in an environment that blends traditional and modern architecture. The open and transparent arrangement of the buildings leads to various meetings and promotes the creative atmosphere on campus. The combination of the courses of study in architecture and interior design provides a variety which shapes the character of the Detmold School.

Study in Detmold
The Detmolder school for architecture and interior architecture distinguishes itself by rich variety which arises from his both courses of studies interior design and architecture.
In the tension field of art and technology, theory and craft practise, rationally to planning up to the creative experiment there is to discover an extremely wide spectrum of activities. To the buildings of a town resembling each of these fields has his own character. To discover this town tells to experience the atmosphere of every building. In it we see the quality of a living education for architecture.
This education is carried by 17 professors and female professors for the interior architecture and other 11 who teach architecture in the course of studies.

The study in Detmold is marked by the following main focuses:
- The deepening consideration of the interaction of space, building, town.
- The interdisciplinary cooperation.
- The internationalisation with university cooperations in Brazil, China, Italy, Korea, Norway and Poland.
- The comprehensive, formatively and practically oriented study.
- The possibility of the combination of the study of architecture and interior architecture.
- To specialise the possibility within the study and to profile.

College Facilities and Labs
The educational resources here are of the highest quality. Students will benefit from special facilities such as the spatial lab, the light lab, the colour studio, the plastic design studio, the materials library, the CAD and multimedia lab, and the photo lab.
The school is also equipped with software for 3D simulation of structural and technological processes.
A model-building workshop with a deep-drawing machine, steel, wood and plastics workshops, a 3D printer in the lab for prototype construction, and a cabinet-maker’s shop provide plenty of space for 1:1 models and material experiments. A solar simulator for sunlight and diffuse light familiarises students with structural issues. The construction engineers’ lab building, which is also being built on the campus, with its sound lab and construction-materials lab and its climatised space, also provides for a practice-proximate investigation of materials and designs to a weight of 30 tonnes. The new campus also spatially connects the School of Architecture and Interior Design with the Construction Engineering Department, creating a joint School of Construction and Design.

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