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FUMEC University

FUMEC Fundação Mineira de Educação e Cultura (Educational and Cultural Foundation of Minas Gerais) is a non-profit private company established in 1965. From the first Civil Engineering College, it went on to become a university in the year of 2004, promoting the association of its four faculties: Business Sciences, Human Sciences, Health Sciences and Engineering and Architecture.

FUMEC offers wide and comfortable classrooms, well-equipped laboratories, multimedia rooms, auditoriums, lecture rooms and an all-around sports gymnasium. Its libraries have over 100.000 books, scientific journals, magazines, CDs, CD-ROMs among other materials, available for the academic community. FUMEC has always invested significantly in the formation and development of its faculty, the establishment of new courses, and nowadays has been working hard on the implantation of a new Campus (FUMEC Campus II).

The institution has 15.198 students, 572 professors and 332 technical-administrative staff. It offers technical diplomas, 27 graduate courses and many post graduate courses including Masters and Doctorate programs.

Where we are

FUMEC is located in Belo Horizonte, one of the most important cities in Brazil. It is the capital of the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, and it is proud to be one of the best cities in the Country to live. It has wide avenues, squares and forested areas, delighting everyone who visits. Fondly nicknamed Belô or Beagá, the city offers interesting leisure areas, theatres boasting an intense artistic-cultural production, good and varied cuisine, exquisite handcrafts available on the markets and specialised stores, and maintains a traditional characteristic: the mineira hospitality.

The city is currently a dynamic metropolis, with 2,5 million residents. Considering the municipalities forming the Metropolitan Region, this population goes up to four million residents, according to the 2000 Census. In today’s bold and modern city, the economic development has been going through the professionalisation of many different tourism segments, above all the events and business segments.

For this reason, the advantages this city could offer do not stop there. BH has a quality tourism infrastructure, with good airports, with many flights everyday to Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and all the 5 regions of Brazil, great hotels and restaurants, a vast array of services, sophisticated shopping, active nightlife and good spaces for medium sized events, contributing for the consolidation of its vocation for the business and services sector.


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