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Project 1

The approach:

To speculate the importance of future mobility and map the varying states of reality experienced by the user, the perceived and the actual

project aim:

To generate a series of spaces throughout the city customizable by the inhabitant.

Photos from ‘walking Distance From The Studio’ – Francis Alys


Workshop 2

Project Development:

A speculative analysis of several cities of familiarity were conducted. From this analysis we predicted an increase of privatization, survaillance, censoring and control in the public sector, channeling the flow of information, creating data streams and restricting physical movement.

Through this prediction a decision was made to utilise the digital realm as means of emancipation, freedom and liberation for the inhabitants. Various reflexive and responsive systems will be erected throughout the city to offer a place of Virtual liberation, a place where mobility is less physical and boundaries less stringent, a place of virtual exploration.


Workshop 3

The project was developed to focus on a group of specific users. The project now focuses on the ‘nomad’, a group whos movements are ephemeral and difficult to predict. The interventions will allow the user to access a supportive network via a number of locations dotted around the city, here they will find a number of interactive systems dedicated to help them navigate through the city virtually and access vital information. As space in the city is becoming ever more scarce the target locations for these interventions will center on the existing infrastructure already in place. As cities shrink and expand in correlation with the flux of industrial and financial demands the technology and transportational needs of the inhabitants change dramatically, a number of neglected spaces and archaic infrastructure emerge and the potentials for new uses can be realized.

Source code: adad_citymap

Built with Processing


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