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Project 2

Feel the travel


To design a ‘nodal transformtion’ interface within a public transportation system that addresses the emotional qualities of personal and inter-personal relationships.


Analyise the experiences of travel and associated negative factors, to orginate an intuitive and adaptive transitions.

By adapting the interface of travel our proposal will aim to reduce the associated stresses of travel, and create a mode of travel that combines the potential of technology to provide information/navigation and the potential of technology to create immersive and empheral spaces.

The vast collection of cells or pods will form a new transportation system.
The adaptable cells will be controlled by a satellite to help build a variety of different networks, allowing for easier transitions between national and international locations.
By combining technologies such as superconductors, hyposurfaces and sixth sense touch screen technologies the cells will manifest into adaptable, informative, malleable, interactive spaces, meeting needs of the user and other users.
Further research into biomiciery and human processes will influence the form and parameters of the design. The notion of cell splitting and mutation could also be another aspect of research.


Nodal Points

Magnetive Field

Cell Mutation

Evolving Structure

Cell Combinations


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