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‘Do we adapt to technology? Or does technology adapt to us…?’

Throughout history, the advancement of technology has increased, especially in recent years. And with billions of dollars invested every year into research and development, we will only see the technology within the digital realm increase at an even faster rate.

With the development of new and ‘improved’ technology, we are in danger of allowing it to almost dictate the way in which we live our lives, people are often adapting to the ways in which technology operates. It is therefore important to learn the limitations of how technology can help improve our quality of living, and getting it to adapt to us.

In the modern day, people live hectic lives, and millions of people commute across cities on a daily basis. A busy city, such as Istanbul, offers a series of issues that can possibly be improved with the advancement and right use of technology. By allowing technology to adapt to public spaces, we can eradicate such problems as pollution, noise pollution, lighting issues, etc…

Currently, Istanbul is home to 13 million people whom have to walk to and from work every day, and children use public spaces to play and engage with the community.

The boundary between personal and public then becomes interesting, as different feel more comfortable in different atmospheres. Therefore a digital system has to be provided that can affect people on an individual scale.

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