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Information for International Students

Due to the new current Corona Protection Ordinance of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, only a few corona protection measures apply as of April 3, 2022. For example, the mask requirement and the 3G access regulation to the university no longer apply. However, the general hygiene rules still apply at TH OWL. Nevertheless, there is still a risk from the corona virus. Therefore, we ask you to "Continue to exercise caution and responsibility for yourself and others!"

The principle is: "Every person is urged to behave in a manner that does not expose themselves or others to avoidable risks of infection."  The AHA-L rules (distance, hygiene, everyday mask, ventilation) and indoor mask (if there is not enough distance from others) continue to protect everyone.

FAQ – Enrolled students

I have already been vaccinated in my home country. Do I have to be vaccinated again when I arrive in Germany?

Please check, if the vaccine used has a valid authorisation from the European Commission.

If not, it will most probably be necessary for you to get vaccinated again.

You can get in contact with Professor Dr. med. Manfred Pilgramm in Detmold. The professor and doctor offers guidance in cases like yours. You can contact him on Tuesdays and Fridays from 7 to 8 am and from 6 to 7 pm. The phone number is +49 170 44 15 435.

You will find more information about this councel offer on our website (in German).

What should I do if I am infected with the Corona virus?

You have already got yourself tested or did a rapid test with a positive result, then please proceed as follows:  

  • Stay at home, isolate yourself and do not receive any visitors.
  • Have a PCR test done: You can frequent your practical doctor or a testing service station that offers PCR tests (testing stations can be found here). Please inform them about the positive result of your test.
  • Isolate yourself at home until the PCR test result is available. This instruction also concerns all members of your household!
  • You also have the option to contact the on-call service of our Lippe region via phone: 116 117
I was in contact with an infected person. What should I do?

Symptoms appear within 10 days? Please have yourself tested with a PCR test at your practical doctor and inform upfront about having been a contact person. You can also inform the health department about your symptoms and your contact data via mail: c.Postfach@kreis-lippe.de

Quarantine: Latest regulations

What do I do if I have received a warning via the Corona Warning app?

If you have received warnings via the Corona Warning app or have had contact with infected individuals, please follow these guidelines from the federal government.

What housing options are available during studies?

On our page "Living in OWL" you will find bundled information about the housing market in Lemgo, Detmold and Höxter.

What is my standard period of study now?

Your student ID card shows the "standard period of study".The state of North Rhine-Westphalia has extended the "individual standard period of study" in relation to the pandemic, which means that:

  • Students who have been enrolled since the summer semester 2020 have an increased individual standard period of study of 4 semesters
  • Students who have been enrolled since the winter semester 2020/2021 have an increased individual standard period of study of 3 semesters.
  • Students who have been enrolled since the summer semester 2021 have an increased individual standard period of study of 2 semester.
  • Students who have been enrolled since the winter semester 2021/2022 have an increased individual standard period of study of 1 semesters.

If you need a certificate of the individual standard period of study for your employer, your health insurance company or the Studierendenwerk, please send your request by e-mail to immatrikulationsamt(at)th-owl.de.

Do I get my semester fee for the online semester back?

No, a refund of the semester fee for the past online semesters is not possible, as the amount is made up of running costs.

What happens to my BAföG funding?

The Studierendenwerk Bielefeld provides information on its website about the legal regulations for financial aid that compensate for pandemic-related study restrictions, such as short-time work allowance from parents or the loss of one's own part-time job.

My specialized internship has been postponed or cancelled. How do I deal with this?

Basically, students who are unable to complete their specialized internship/practical semester due to the current situation, or who may only be able to complete it at a later date, should not suffer any study-related disadvantages as a result. As a rule, the examination offices will grant pragmatic solutions, such as an extension of the deadline for the proof of studies, etc. Please check the homepage of your department or contact your local examination office!

Are there any foreign language offers?

Current information on foreign language offers can be found on the pages of the ZA Fremdsprachen. If you have any questions, you can reach the team by phone or e-mail using the contacts provided.

I am a current student at TH OWL, who can I contact if the current situation overwhelms me and I am not feeling well?

We are currently in a special situation. The corona virus limits our social contacts and the opportunity to go to work. If you do research, study, teach or work at the TH OWL and you realize that you are overwhelmed by the situation or need mental support, do not hesitate to contact the following addresses:

Initial psychosocial counseling for employees

Telephone: +495231 975 823
Mobile: +49 160 3812387
Email: gerlinde.dingerkus(at)hfm-detmold.de