Courses and regulations for the remaining of the semester

Dear students, You are surely already informed about the decisions of the federal government made on Wednesday of this week, and what that means for our daily lives. We all want, and must do our part to contain the pandemic.

In the following you will find information on what these updates mean specifically for you and TH OWL. As always, the legal framework can change dynamically. Therefore I ask you to keep yourself up to date daily through our Corona portal.

As before, your lecturers are doing everything possible to organize the university operations for you as well as possible under the given circumstances. At the same time, we are all called to do our part to contain the pandemic.


Courses will continue to be held in digital form as far as possible. Exceptions are courses in which attendance is urgently required (e.g. courses that are dependent on special rooms, equipment or other special framework conditions, such as laboratories, work rooms, recording studios, filming, etc.). During the courses there is still a mandatory mask requirement and the hygiene and distance regulations must be observed. Courses in public spaces are still prohibited.

Unfortunately, student study rooms cannot be opened either. Information on the examination period and the new version of the corona statutes of the TH OWL will follow shortly.


The libraries at all three locations will remain open Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., subject to comprehensive protective measures. Changes will be announced in through the news portal on a daily basis.

Obligatory to wear mouth and nose protection

In addition to the existing mandatory mask regulations, mouth and nose protection must now also be worn when entering the university campus. This regulation is extended to the entire outside area of​campus, including the parking lots.

Mandatory: attendance documentation using QR codes

For tracing chains of infection, TH OWL is legally obliged to document contact persons and their contact details and, in the event of an infection, to pass them on to the health department. In the meantime, QR codes have been affixed to buildings and rooms, which replace conventional paper lists and facilitate and considerably speeds up contact data tracking.

When accessing buildings and premises of the TH, please note that you are obliged to log in and out properly using the QR codes or manually via the homepage Technical information and detailed instructions can be found here.

In case of infection or suspicion: use the hotline

The TH's Corona hotline is already well received. If you are infected, or have had contact with someone who is infected or someone who is in quarantine, please contact us immediately at +49 5261 702 2133. Please also direct your fellow students specifically to this central phone number of the university. You can read here how the TH Infection Protection Team proceeds in the event of an infection or suspicion of an infection.

Additional information

Studying under the conditions of the corona pandemic is a special challenge for everyone. In the event of feelings of stress, please use the TH OWL's psychosocial counseling center. As a student at TH OWL, you will usually get an appointment for an initial interview as soon as possible.

You can find information on student loans, grants and interest-free student loans here.

The current information from the RKI regarding pregnant women and risk groups can be found here. If you have any questions about your studies in connection with your pregnancy, please contact Ms. Langstrof from the family service (familienservice(at) at TH OWL.

Our togetherness

At this point we request to you all to conscientiously comply with the applicable legal provisions and hygiene rules! It is everyone's responsibility to prevent SARS-CoV-2 infections. Actively point out to people the hygiene and distance rules who do not adhere, and in particular, the obligation to wear mouth and nose protection so that the rules are observed and ensure the greatest possible safety for us all in your sphere of activity!

You can also find all important and current information on dealing with the virus on our Corona portal. Please keep yourself informed accordingly. If you still have a question, please contact Gesundheitsschutz(at)

An Advent season lies ahead of us as we have never experienced it before. We wish you healthy and successful days and weeks in all your learning locations.