Digital attendance documentation starting on October 5th 2020

Dear Students, You will shortly start the winter semester 2020/2021, which will be conducted as a hybrid semester. Compared to the last summer semester, your lecturers can once again plan more classroom offers for you – nevertheless; this semester will also have unique aspects. In the new podcast, I provide a more detailed outlook on the upcoming semester. Feel free to click on the Corona information portal for the latest information and news. For all questions about courses, please contact your academic departments.

At this point, I would like to say a big thank you for participating in the student surveys during the summer semester. For us, you were an important indicator of how you are doing, and how the TH OWL can improve. It has become clear that the low number of personal contacts with fellow students and teachers was a particular challenge for you. For some of you, there was also a high level of financial uncertainty, which has hopefully eased somewhat in the meantime due to the student loan regulations, the university society's emergency fund, and new part-time jobs. Please feel free to contact your student councils (Fachschaften), or find out about new SHK vacancies on the website. Additional information can be found on the central website for student finance. In addition, the staff within the offices for central student services (e.g. Center for Student Advisement, International Office, Matriculation Office, and Career Services) are available for advice. Please always make an appointment in advance for personal appointments by email or phone!

QR codes for traceability after exam week

You are now familiar with this from many areas of your life: The state legislature has regulated the securing of traceability in Section 2a of the CoronaSchVO. TH OWL has now equipped almost 500 lecture, event and study rooms and laboratories with QR codes, so that we can successfully and securely do so without paper lists.

When entering campus please follow these instructions:

Starting on October 5, 2020, registration for entering and exiting buildings and classrooms is mandatory! For this purpose, we ask you to use the QR codes with your smart phones as a priority. Alternatively, you can log in via a desktop application on your PC (instructions).

Face mask requirement, cold symptoms and hygiene tips

Within all public areas of TH OWL there is currently a mask requirement. This applies to all buildings of the TH OWL. Mouth and nose protection can only be removed within seminar rooms and offices when the minimum distance (1.5 meters) is possible and observed.

Protect yourself and others by consistently using the AHA formula (distance between hygiene and everyday masks). You can find further information here (leaflet).

If you experience symptoms of illness of the respiratory tract, and they have not been clarified by a doctor, you are not allowed to enter the TH OWL. Please let the symptoms clear up and stay at home. If you test positive and have been at the university within the past 14 days, please contact 05261-702 2133 immediately.

Student life and digital offers

Student life alongside the courses will continue, but will also look a little different this semester. In positive news, the canteens in Lemgo (from September 28th, 2020), Detmold (from September 28th, 2020) and Höxter (from October 5th, 2020) are/will be open! Please be aware that it is no longer possible to use the canteens as study rooms, and only dining in the canteens is possible. You can find more information from the Studierendenwerk Bielefeld here.

For some time now, you have had the option of using the “who is online” function and the chat on our eCampus learning platform to contact each other without having to use external services. In addition to this, beginning in November you will have the opportunity to set up online learning rooms yourself, which you can use as a digital base camp for learning groups, for the exchange of material and for communication. At the start of the offer you will receive a separate email with detailed instructions.

In addition, together with the e-learning team, students have developed various online events that have a lot to offer: from cooking sessions to video tutorials and online theater. You can also find these offers on the eCampus (ILIAS).

Not only interesting for new students, but also for returning students is to look at and regulary visit the study guide with timetables for the academic year and online events.

I wish you a successful semester!

Stay healthy!

Jürgen Krahl