Examination periods February and March / summer semester

Dear students, Today we will inform you about the planning of the next two examination periods, in which we want to create security for you as much as possible.

The basis of these regulations made by TH OWL are the Corona Protection Ordinance and the general decree of the Ministry of Health. The general decree regulates that teaching and testing operations and is initially valid until January 31, 2021. Here it is stipulated that teaching and examination operations are to remain closed until further notice. We assume that the general decree will be extended in this same way beyond January 31, 2021. Therefore, the currently valid regulations are also applied to the PZ 1.

Examination period PZ 1 (digital)

Tests and examinations in PZ 1 are generally to be carried out digitally. This determination is made due to the current pandemic situation and against the background that regulations for face-to-face examinations will be relaxed at the beginning of February.

  • In the context of an individual examination, a presence examination can take place as an exception, provided the requirements of the above-mentioned general decree are met.
  1. The face-to-face examination cannot be postponed to a later date due to factual or legal reasons, or
  2. It is unreasonable for the examinees to postpone the presence examination. (The legislator places high demands on the unreasonableness, such as a considerable delay in the course of studies.)
  • An application for a special permit in individual cases can be submitted by your lecturer at short notice.
  • Participation in a face-to-face examination in PZ 1 is voluntary for students. It must be ensured that the examination in PZ 2 can be repeated.

Examination period PZ 2 (22.03.-01.04.2021)

Examination period 2 will be postponed to March 22nd - April 1st, 2021. The aim of the postponement is to equalize the timing of the exams. At the moment we are confident that face-to-face exams can also take place in PZ 2.

Summer semester 2021

For the summer semester 2021, we are expecting another hybrid semester. Lectures will still not be able to take place in person. However, we expect an easing in regulations for internships and laboratory events. Please assume that the TH OWL and your lecturers will do everything possible to enable you to have a sound and attractive summer semester.

We are aware that all these constantly changing regulations require a lot of patience, flexibility and insight from you! Nevertheless, the entire TH OWL must, and wants to meet its social responsibility and obligation as a common place for teaching, learning, researching and working.

Please visit the homepage of the TH OWL and that of your department regularly in order to stay up to date.

We wish you successful exams, robust health and our warmest regards,

Jürgen Krahl, Nicole Soltwedel, Yvonne-Christin Bartel, Stefan Witte, Kathrin Lemme