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Infection situation and measures at TH OWL

Dear students, Against the background of the significantly increasing number of infections, the Federal Chancellor and the State Governors met on Wednesday and the NRW Governor issued an initial statement on the measures to take effect in November. You are most likely are familiar with the result from the media.

In the past few weeks, the first cases of infection have also occurred at the TH OWL, which as of yet (as of October 29, 2020) have not led to any additional infections of our university community. With the help of corona tracking and the personal details of the infected people, in close consultation with the responsible health authorities, it was possible to identify and inform those people with whom the infected people had been in contact with at the university. In order to avoid further infections, both the infected and the contacted people are currently not permitted to enter the university and in some cases still in quarantine at home by order of the responsible health authorities.

Your professors are doing everything in their power to provide you with an appropriate and high-quality range of courses - including in person offerings. Many have developed digital courses and have combined these in a hybrid form with face-to-face events. Some courses such as Internships require attendance and cannot simply be held digitally.

Nevertheless, we as TH OWL want to, and must, do our part to contain the spread of COVID-19.

Therefore, from November 02, 2020, studies at TH OWL will be as follows:

  • In November, digital formats will be given priority over in class lectures wherever possible. Your lecturers were asked to check whether all currently planned events planned, must be carried out in attendance or whether digital formats can be selected.
  • You will be informed directly by your lecturer about any change in event formats.
  • In addition to the previous hygiene regulations, the following applies to face-to-face courses:
  • Access to the premises of the university is only permitted to people who have properly registered themselves: when entering and before leaving the campus, a check-in or check-out must be carried out using the QR codes or manually via the website. To do this, you have to set up your device in advance: all the necessary information is compiled here.
  • In every face-to-face course, without exception, teachers and students must wear a mask.
  • The mask obligation does not replace the distance regulation. It is in addition to.
  • If it is necessary to remove the mask for longer speeches, the minimum distance must be four meters. This value results from the distance regulation for solo chants.

Events at the university for social reasons are not permitted.

Lecture breaks/ leisure time:

It is not permitted to stay inside the TH buildings between two events. Please contact your departments directly to see whether seminar rooms with supervision can be opened during breaks.

Advisement, service, library:

We also do this for safety at TH OWL:

  • In the event of an infection, a quarantine order or as a contact person for an infected person, please report immediately to the central number +49 5261 702 2133. The TH OWL's Corona Action Team has established this hotline for all students and employees of the TH OWL and will then contact the responsible authorities and initiates further measures.
  • People who are classified as suspected cases or as a contact person must work or study from home and are not permitted to enter the university until clarified.
  • We strive to keep employees and students constantly up to date in view of the current very dynamic developments. The university management bases its decisions on the infection rate and the requirements of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, the Lippe and Höxter districts and the recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute. So there can always be changes.
  • Please continue to inform yourself again and again on the pages of your department and through our corona portal.

We wish our new first year students a good start to their studies and our students in higher semesters a good further semester! We will also use this semester to present you with an exceptional range of courses. When the rules and regulations are not followed and we do not make the most of the currently unchangeable circumstances together, the winter semester, like the previous summer semester, will be a challenging time. Please join us in upholding these regulations so that time is not lost for your studies and your career.

We wish you and our entire university success, prudence and good health.

Sincerely yours,

Jürgen Krahl, Nicole Soltwedel, Yvonne-Christin Bartel, Stefan Witte, Kathrin Lemme