Information on exams and classroom teaching until January 31, 2021

Dear students, Unfortunately, the infection situation in Germany still makes it necessary that contacts are minimized. The following regulations apply at the TH OWL until January 31, 2021:

  • Courses, including internships and trial lectures in attendance, should only take place digitally.
  • Face-to-face exams and final theses before January 31, 2021:
    With regard to face-to-face examinations and preparatory measures in attendance, these are only permitted if they cannot be postponed to future date after January 31, 2021, for a legal or factual reasons, or a postponement is not reasonable for the examinees. For examinations that have already been registered and approved before January 31, 2021, an exemption can be granted, which can be applied for by the examiner. This also applies to theses, the preparation of which is dependent on special rooms, equipment or other special framework conditions, for example laboratories, work rooms, recording studios and, in the artistic field, coaching, practice, individual artistic lessons and work in studios.
  • The handling of the examination period from February 1 to February 12, 2021, and the planning of the summer semester will be coordinated with all dean's of departments in the coming week and communicated to you as soon as possible.Student work areas, seminar rooms and lecture halls remain closed. The entire university is not available as a learning location for individuals or for student groups.
  • The library remains closed to the public. You can request the literature you need at support(at) You will then receive a response regarding the collection and return of your requested items.
  • The Bielefeld Student Union has compiled information on Corona bridging aids here.

Thank you very much for your understanding and support.

The few isolated cases of infection at the TH OWL make it clear that we can all contribute to containing the pandemic by acting responsibly and jointly. The pandemic will certainly demand a lot from us for a few more weeks.

Despite all the restrictions, we wish you a healthy and happy start to 2021!

Jürgen Krahl, Nicole Soltwedel, Yvonne-Christin Bartel, Stefan Witte, Kathrin Lemme