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Awards, distinctions and partnerships

For a balance between study, work and family

audit family-friendly university

With the audit family-friendly university, TH OWL is actively working towards its goal of creating study and working conditions that do justice to the different lifestyles of people with family commitments at the university. Equal opportunities and family services at the TH OWL design and coordinate the measures and advise students and employees – whether people with responsibility for children or people caring for relatives – on all issues relating to compatibility.

To the family service


For more diversity in the workplace

Charter of Diversity signed

Recognizing, promoting and using diversity to be successful: This is the idea behind the Charter of Diversity initiative. It sees opportunities for innovative and creative solutions in the different skills and talents of employees. By signing it on German Diversity Day 2021, TH OWL is declaring that it will implement the objectives of the Diversity Charter at the university. This includes a respectful and appreciative working environment for all employees – regardless of age, ethnic origin and nationality, gender and gender identity, physical and mental abilities, religion and ideology, sexual orientation and social background.


Online evaluations

Digital Readiness

The online evaluation portal StudyCHECK asked: How digital are Germany's universities and colleges? The result: In the nationwide comparison 2021, the TH OWL is in 10th place, in NRW even in 2nd place!

To the Digital Readiness Ranking (nationwide)

To the Digital Readiness Ranking (NRW)

Member of

European University Association

The European University Association (EUA ) represents more than 850 universities and university rectors' conferences in 48 European countries and has a decisive influence on the Bologna Process and EU policy on higher education, research and innovation. The EUA facilitates unique Europe-wide networking between universities and/or higher education institutions and helps to shape European policy and initiatives with a view to higher education and research.

Generate ideas – implement projects – bring about innovations

Innovative university

The "Innovative University" funding initiative is a two-stage competition organized by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). With up to 550 million euros for two selection rounds of five years each, the initiative is aimed in particular at small and medium-sized universities and universities of applied sciences. The federal and state governments are providing up to 290 million euros for the second round of funding. The Technische Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe is being funded in the second round of the competition with the TRInnovation OWL transfer project alongside 16 other individual and 13 collaborative projects. The project was launched in 2023 and will be funded for five years with a maximum of two million euros per year.

Without gender stereotypes

Cliché-free initiative for career and study choices

Working together for career and study guidance free of gender stereotypes - this is what the Cliché-free initiative is campaigning for. Young people should be guided by their talents and strengths and not be influenced by gender stereotypes. The TH OWL supports the initiative as a partner organization.

Offers to support young people in their career choices in the best possible way and without stereotypes can be found here:

Canon of values

Magna Charta Universitatum

The Magna Charta Observatory of Fundamental University Values and Rights is a non-profit organization founded by the University of Bologna and the European University Association (EUA). Like more than 800 universities worldwide, TH OWL has also signed the Magna Charta's canon of values. It is thus committed to values such as academic freedom, culture and institutional autonomy and rejects intolerance in any form.

Most popular university in NRW

StudyCHECK Award 2021

The TH OWL has taken 6th place in the "Most Popular Universities" category of the StudyCHECK Award 2021 and received the "Top University 2021" award. The course evaluation on is carried out in the categories of course content, lecturers, courses, facilities, campus life, organization, library and canteen, for each of which up to 5 stars can be awarded. The TH OWL currently has 899 course evaluations, which result in an overall rating of 4.0 stars and a recommendation rate of 95%. In the NRW ranking 2021, the TH OWL even occupies 1st place.

Equal opportunities and diversity

Total-E-Quality award

The Total E-Quality award stands for Total Quality Management (TQM), supplemented by the gender component (Equality). Organizations from business, science and administration as well as associations that successfully implement equal opportunities in their personnel and organizational policies are awarded the TOTAL E-QUALITY rating. The TH OWL has held the award since 2004, and its initiatives to increase the proportion of women in the various status groups and the promotion of women during their studies have been particularly highlighted as tailor-made, diverse and sustainable.

Together for open-mindedness and tolerance

Open-minded universities against xenophobia

TH OWL is part of the network Weltoffene Hochschulen gegen Fremdenfeindlichkeit (Open-minded Universities against Xenophobia) and, together with universities and universities of applied sciences, is positioning itself for open-mindedness and tolerance on the initiative of the German Rectors' Conference.

In concrete terms, this means that topics such as xenophobia, racism and extremism are addressed in numerous courses as well as in overarching events (including conferences, workshops, seminars and online discussions).

Multipliers at each study location are committed to promoting open-mindedness and combating xenophobia and encourage local campaigns.