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Career Profile

What does a Civil Engineer actually do? Career Profiles and Projects of Graduate Students

What does a civil engineer or industrial construction engineer actually do? What tasks does he/she have and which sectors does he/she work in? What skills should you possess in order to become an engineer? What is especially interesting and fun about the profession a or study programme?

Civil Engineers:

  • shape and change the world
  • research, conceptualize, plan, calculate and construct
  • organise and manage
  • are responsible for safety and cost efficiency
  • work in companies, engineering offices in the scientific sector or public services
  • are employees, self-employed or civil servants

In order to give you an impression about what civil engineers do, we would like to introduce you to graducate engineers from Faculty 3 (FB3) from the University of Applied Sciences Ostwestfalen-Lippe. You will gain an insight into their everyday working life and find out why they chose this profession. You can profit from personal tips and insights and gain an impression about the fields of activities, where civil engineers work and the various specialization possibilities.


Career profiles of graduates from our faculty

Hereyou can view our Alumni brochure.