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Statutory Organs and Committees

Presidential Board

The Presidential Board heads the university. Chaired by the president in full-time occupation the presidential board processes the university's development plan - including the courses of study offered, main research focus as well as university's organisation structure - as mandatory parameter for decisions of all subordinated committees. The presidential board prepares conferences of the senate and executes its decisions as well as decisions of the university council. The presidential board is liable to disclose to the senate and the university council as well as accountable regarding the execution of their decisions. The president represents the university in public. The term of office for the presidential board lasts four years.

University Council

The University Council advises the presidential board and supervises the management. Tasks of the council are especially election of the presidential board's members, acceptance of the university development plan, target agreement and business plan. The council consists solely of external members. They are elected for a term of five years.


Amongst others the Senate is in charge of confirming the election of the presidential board's members. Further the senate makes representations on the annual report of the presidential board. The senate shall be responsible for decree and changes of the basic order as well as for recommendations and statements on the draft of the university's development plan. The president is chairman of the senate. The senate consists of members of all status groups of the university. They are elected for a term of two years, excepted of the student members. Their membership lasts just one year.

Staff Council of Scientific and Artistical Employees

Staff Council of Scientific and Artistical Employees



Equal Opportunity Office

Equal opportunity office