FABLAB OWL (Lemgo/Detmold)

In 2017, the FABLAB OWL was opened with two locations in close cooperation with the "Development and Design / Product Development Design / CAD" department of the Department of Production and Wood Technology of the Ostwestfalen-Lippe University of Applied Sciences and Arts. The FABLAB provides direct access to digital fabrication technologies and forms an important creative, experimental and communication space as a key interface between students, teachers and researchers. It offers spaces and (digital) tools to 'materialize' ideas in an experimental but with high precision, thereby promoting interdisciplinary exchange. FABLAB is also regularly open to the public, e.g. also to schools, start-ups, inventors, etc.

The Fablab is a collection of digital tools in Room 4.017 on the Creative Campus in Detmold. The Fablab creates a technical environment for the use of digital manufacturing processes in prototype and model construction. In addition to classical model making and carpentry, students are offered a direct opportunity to study digital controls and data interfaces of NC machines, as well as the direct realization of buildable models.

Integration into teaching:
There is a direct link to various teaching areas with an offer of seminars and support of project groups. A close connection to the teaching field CAD enables the creation of basics in the teaching and application of generative architecture, surface processing etc. with subsequent transfer to the digital manufacturing process.

At present, several digitally controlled machines are available, e.g. the 3-d printer, laser cutter, cutting plotter, bending machine and the milling machine. Each of these machines is described in detail under "Equipment" in the tool list of the fablab. Further information about the possibilities of use, specifications of use and instructions are described there for each machine.


From November 2018 the new concept of the FabLab will be implemented!

If you want to realize your ideas and concepts with the help of the laser, the cutting plotter, the CNC-milling machine and the 3D-printers, the following conditions apply from November 2018:

1. you need a machine introduction for each machine you want to use

These will take place weekly - lists for participation in the introductions are posted in front of FabLab R 4.017.

2. you work on the machines largely independently. We only support, supervise and support you during the implementation.

So please keep the dates for the introduction of the machines as soon as possible! From November on, no work in FABLAB will be possible without the introduction of the student at the respective machine and the agreed user declaration.

3. appointments for the use of the machines in the FabLab Detmold will be organised via ILIAS by reserving time slots. After confirmed participation in the above-mentioned introductions access to ILIAS will be activated!

Students of FB1 and all interested parties outside of the university can use the following collective address to clarify inquiries and appointments: detmold@fablab-owl.de


Prof. Hans Sachs
Office 4.014, mail: hans.sachs@th-owl.de

Dipl.- Ing. Guido Brand
Office 4.018, mail: guido.brand@th-owl.de