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Assembly and logistics

The area of expertise includes the design of manual and hybrid assembly systems. For this purpose, technologies, that support people in carrying out their assembly tasks, are developed. Thus, the employee is provided with the required information that comes in a digital form, in a fast comprehensive manner. Based on this information the employee carries out the assembly operations according to the requirements. In order to sustain the consistency of the digital value-added chain, digital data about the product are taken into account while creating the assembly instructions.

Key topics

  • Appropriate design and assembly systems
  • Development of assistance systems
  • Human-machine interaction

Contact Person
Laboratory for Industrial Engineering
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sven Hinrichsen
Mail: sven.hinrichsen(at)
Fon: +49 5261 702-5319

The focus of the application-oriented research are the optimizing planning methods and the development of technologies for the intralogistical functions of transport, storage, order picking, sorting, and packaging. Material flow processes are optimized using mathematical methods, heuristics, and computer-assisted simulation.

Key topics

  • Design of material flow and logistic Systems
  • Automation of the material flow
  • Development and practical application of driverless industrial trucks (DTSs)

Contact Person
Technical Logistics
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Li Li, PhD
Fon: +49 5261 702-5280