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The integration of simulation methods supports the user of direct digital manufacturing technologies during the phases of conception, design, and process design. By means of virtual models, several design variants can be generated, evaluated with respect to given criteria, and interactively optimized within a very short time. Important approaches are topology optimization methods such as Soft Kill Option (SKO), whereby lightweight design proposals can be generated by successive removal of low-stressed material from the given construction space, as well as Computer Aided Optimization (CAO) methods, which can reduce stresses in highly stressed component areas. The use of meta models enables the user to design parts and processes fast and efficiently, based on a few parameters that are important for the application. For this purpose, time-consuming simulation calculations are converted into fast-calculating algorithms using statistical methods, which can serve for automated part design or process control in the context of direct digital manufacturing.

Key Topics

  • Simulation technologies
  • Meta models

Contact Person

Department of Production and Economics
Prof. Dr.- Ing. Eva Scheideler
Mail: eva.scheideler(at)
Fon: +49 5261 702-5267

Department of Machine Technology and Mechatronics
Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Petra Meier
Mail: petra.meier(at)
Fon: +49 5261 702-5562