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Subtractive manufacturing

Many high precision mechanical components produced by additive manufacturing require a partial finishing with subtractive methods. A major priority is the development of coordinated process chains that enable the tool-free manufacturing of parts with very low surface roughness and high dimensional and geometrical accuracy. One of the main fields of application is tool and mould manufacturing.

Key topics

  • Development of technological strategies for post-processing by chipping and thinning of the additively manufactured parts, particularly for the hard machinable materials
  • New process chains for tool manufacturing that allow a more economical and resource-efficient production of tool active parts by combining additive and subtractive manufacturing methods
  • Actions for a more consistent digitalization of the process chains for the production of tool active parts for tool and mould manufacturing

Contact person

Labor für Produktionsmaschinen spanend

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Henrik Juhr

Mail: henrik.juhr(at)

Fon: +49 5261 702-5071