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Digital-welcomeday 2020

Hello everyone

Dear international student

We would like to welcome you on our page. Here we give you links to several places where you might find some helpful information about studing in Lemgo. Of course you are welcome to visit us on our social media, via e-mail or just talk to us in person.

Naturally, during your studies, we and all professors, will be able to answer your questions in English.

We wish you a nice day.

Englisch pages:


PS: On the equivalent German page you will find additional links to even more information. (in German)

Some first answers to possible questions

Questions and Answers

Bellow are some things you might ask yourself and our answers to them. You might want to read before getting in contact with us on social media or via e-mail. However feel free to contact us even if you don't have the time to read the FAQ first. :) 

Q: What would be the approximate monthly cost of living in Lemgo?

A: The cost of living in Lemgo, for a student, comprises of following base costs (2020, appproximately) :

Apartmentrent with Utilities:250 to 350 Euro
Medical Insurance:106 Euro (e.g. at "Techniker Krankenkasse")
Food and groceries:150 to 200 Euro
Radio Fee per apartment:17.50 Euro
Mobile phone contract:10 to 25 Euro
Internet:10 to 20 Euro
Total:545 to 720 Euro
Q: I am an International student joining an English taught program. Do I need to know German language before coming to Lemgo, Germany?

A: It's a nice to have to know some basic German and maybe build up while you are here. German language comes in handy to socialize. However, we have many International students who come to here without any prior knowledge of the German language. Still, they are able to manage everyday life using mobile apps like Google Lens, Google Translate and getting help from locals.

Q: As per German entry regulations, am I allowed to bring 3 months of medicine in flight with me? Or will I be stopped by German regulations at customs?

A: You can bring, up to, 3 months of medication from your home country to Germany with the flight. It is advisable to bring a valid Doctor’s prescription and the bill, for the medication, which you. A Doctor’s referral letter about your health condition would also be helpful to bring along.

Q: Who will be my point of contact after coming to Germany?

A: Of cource there are several points you can contact, but your best contact for everything is the international office from the university. If they can't answer your questions , asl the admissions office. If you are unsure "who to ask" or just want to make sure, feel free to also write us (the student council).

Q: Where I can buy a bicycle?

A: One of the very useful website for students to buy used items for affordable prices in Germany is (It’s basically a German Craigslist).

Sometimes you can get some fair priced bicycles in auctions from the lost and found office also.

Q: What is the best way to reach Lemgo from Frankfurt airport?

A: The best way to reach Lemgo from Frankfurt is using trains (see Deutsche Bahn ( You can find the available trains and routes using the Deutsche Bahn website or DB Navigator App. You can also use Mobil NRW App to find connections within North Rhine-Westphalia state.
It is advisable to book train/bus tickets online before the travel.

Q: I will be reaching Lemgo around 11 pm at night. Will there be any taxis available to take me from train station to my apartment this late?

A: Public transport or taxis may not be available past 9 pm in Lemgo. However, if you take a taxi from Bielefeld (a large neighbour city), it will drop you to your destination in Lemgo.

Q: Is it possible to get a student job in Lemgo and manage finances?

A: There are many students working in part time jobs in Lemgo as well as nearby cities besides their studies. There are technical as well as non-technical part time job offers available which can be explored after starting your studies.

All answers are not legally binding statements, but rather experience reports.