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Cooperative Training Program ("Duales Studium")

The bachelor’s degree programs Elektrotechnik (“Electrical Engineering”), Technische Informatik (“Computer Engineering”), Data Science and Mechatronik (“Mechatronics”) are offered in form of a cooperative training program.

The cooperative training program offers an opportunity to gain work experiences while studying.  Students who participate in such a cooperative training program are employed and payed for by a company. On one day per week and during lecture-free periods, the students work on projects in their respective company.

The cooperative training program is organized in two different modes: The integrated training variant starts one year before the beginning of the degree program in the company and includes a training for skilled workers (in German, “Facharbeiterausbildung”).  In contrast, the practice-oriented variant starts directly with the degree program and includes an in-house training by the company.

In order to participate in a cooperative training program, prospective students apply for a position at a company that offers such a cooperative training program in cooperation with the the university.