Technsiche Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe


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Institute of Industrial IT


The Institute of Industrial IT of OWL UAS.

Institute for Food Technologies.NRW


The Institute for Food Technologies.NRW of OWL UAS.

Leading-Edge Cluster “it’s OWL”

it's OWL

Leading-Edge Cluster “it’s OWL – Intelligent Technical Systems OstWestfalen-Lippe”.

Facts and figures about research at OWL UAS

OWL UAS plays a major part in the regional and national innovation landscape with international appeal. It is one of Germany’s strongest universities of applied sciences in the area of research.

An overview of the main facts and figures:

  • 2 profile areas in 2 institutes (inIT und ILT.NRW),
  • scientist groups and research focal points across North Rhine-Westphalia,
  • 171 professorships in nine university departments with 18 % female professors,
  • over 180 scientific assistants in third-party funded projects,
  • 7.8 million euros third-party volume for the budget year 2013,
  • 45,000 euros third-party funding per professorship (average),
  • currently more than 70 publicly subsidized research projects with industry partners and partners in the service- and research sectors with national and international funding programs.

Third-party volume 2008 until 2012
Third-party volume 2008 until 2012.
Third-party volume Departments 2012
Third-party volume Departments 2012.