Design Method Aided by MABS and Cloud Computing - Framework integrating: construction techniques, materials, and fabrication

Thomaz da Silva Lopes Vieira, Jens-Uwe Schulz, Sousa, JP, Xavier, JP and Castro Henriques, G (eds.), Architecture in the Age of the 4th Industrial Revolution - Proceedings of the 37th eCAADe and 23rd SIGraDi Conference - Volume 1, University of Porto, Porto, Portugal, 11-13 September 2019, pp. 195-205 (presented at the Conference eCAADeSIGraDi - ARCHITECTURE IN THE AGE OF THE 4TH INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION)


This paper presents a novel method based in Multi-Agent Based Simulation (MABS), Cloud Computing, and the combination of big data analytics and IoT. The method performs in two layers: it assists designers with information coming from previews of projects and surroundings, and, it automates some procedures according to parameters and interactions between agents. The first part of this paper briefly describes the state of the art and challenges of the real estate market. The second chapter highlight gaps and future challenges in design practice, and in the third chapter, it introduces the method. To conclude, in the last part, this concept is analyzed through a pilot project under development in
our institution.

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