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Since 2016, urbanLab Magazine has been published each year as a professional journal for urban and regional planning with the ambition to connect research, teaching, and practice in the planning disciplines of the field of tension between city and neighborhood based on specific topic clusters.

Since the founding of the IDS Institute for Design Strategies 2021, the magazine has been published under the name IDS Magazine. It focuses on contributions to the regenerative and human-centered design of the environment and the opportunities of digitization. We create a platform for forward-looking ideas, professional contributions, publications, and controversial discussions, supported by findings from our research. 

Current edition

07 Transformation

The Human Habitat in Times of Transformation - How can we transform the built environment into regenerative and resilient living spaces? The majority of societal challenges can be traced back to the built environment or are strongly influenced by it - from climate change, the energy transition and resource scarcity to migration, social participation, health and well-being. Consequently, the qualitative (re)design of human habitat has become a central and concrete field of action for national and international policy and research agendas (UN SDGs, Green Deal, etc.). Nevertheless, as of today, a serious dissonance can be observed between individual technical innovations, promising theoretical findings and their implementation in our living spaces in the built environment. 

Together with experts from practice, research and politics, in this issue we take a look at:

GreenScenario – Can climate-friendly urban planning become easier? – Jeremy Karl Anterola, Ramboll Studio Deiseitl

Stop building flats! – An interview with architect and author Van-Bo Le-Metzel

City of Detmold - A look into bits and concrete – Sandra Müller und Martin Kölczer, Stadt Detmold



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06 Mehr als Provinz // More than Provincial

Only available in German

More than provincial - for some a provocative description, for others simply reality. The fact is that rural areas and small and medium-sized towns are receiving more and more attention. What could be more obvious than to pick up on this trend and take a closer look at urban development in small and medium-sized towns? After all, more than half of Germany's inhabitants already live in over 2,700 small and medium-sized towns. It is time to focus more on the resulting urban developments and their opportunities. When we decided in 2019 to make the province's special development and governance opportunities our guiding theme, it was not yet foreseeable that the global Corona pandemic would become an involuntary field test for sustainable urban and spatial development. After this field trial, a space of opportunity has opened up for the underestimated province so far. Now we need courageous people to use this momentum!


05 Stadt Land Quartier // City Country District

Only available in German

The art term Stadt Land Quartier (City Country District) is open to many different interpretations. On the one hand, it stands for the connection of recreational and natural spaces with vibrant and vital public spaces, as well as manageable spatial units. On the other hand, the term is used to draw attention to changing relationships between settlement, landscape, society and their resources. Find out which multi-layered answers and concepts the planning disciplines are discussing on these social questions and changes and get to know different perspectives on the City Country District. The professional contributions are supplemented with visions and results of the students on the eponymous student competition Stadt Land Quartier, which we document in this magazine. 


04 Heimat Planen // Planning home

Only available in German

Home as a concept is currently experiencing a fascinating renaissance! The increase in significance is also visible in two ministries at the state and federal level, which are responsible for urban and regional planning, among other things, and which now have homeland in their title. At the same time, the planning world is paying more attention to rural areas and small and medium-sized towns, which are traditionally associated with the homeland, but which are considered problematic in urban planning. These places have recently been seen as having considerable potential in terms of overcoming current challenges, not only in the housing market. Learn that the term homeland was initially about the expression of loss. Home described what was lost through war and displacement. In today's usage, home describes above all a feeling of remembrance of the place of birth or the place where one grew up. The different dimensions and interactions of home and planning are illustrated by the students' final theses on the city country district, which we document in the magazine.


03 Regionale Netzwerke // Regional networks

Only available in German

With the arrival of one million refugees in 2015, the standards, needs and necessities in the field of housing and urban development have changed considerably. Cooperations on a regional level are one approach to face these challenges. In this context, the surrounding municipalities are no longer seen as mere overflow basins for the big cities, but rather as necessary partners. Solutions of all kinds are being discussed, from more closely meshed multimodal mobility networks to the urbanization of villages. In the meantime, the focus is increasingly on the countryside, even into villages and communities that have long been quietly and forgottenly losing population. Out of the hardship of the housing market comes the opportunity for a robust regional network that allows urban and rural life everywhere in the region.


02 Die Stadt der Zukunft // The city of the future

Only available in German

The city of the future. The urbanLab magazine 02 deals with the future of our cities and the question of how we will live in the future. Our regions are also changing and growing closer together. We hope you enjoy this interdisciplinary and comprehensive read.


01 Schrumpfen wir noch oder wachsen wir schon? // Are we still shrinking or are we already growing?

Only available in German

The urbanLab Magazine 01 documents the past Regional Salon "Are we still shrinking or are we already growing?" and with it the numerous expert contributions, interesting discussions and external contributions on precisely these questions.


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Only available in German

urbanLab Magazin - Trade journal for urban and neighborhood planning - We reach an interdisciplinary readership from politics, administrations, planning offices, housing industry, science and students at universities throughout Germany with a focus on NRW, who are united by a common interest in forward-looking urban development.

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