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Detmold Conference Week


DCW2021 \\ Design Strategies - Future Habitats


The sustainable development has been in the focus of multiple European and global agendas, academic research and teaching curriculum, but also urban practices for some time already.  Nevertheless, the new global concerns related to health & safety but also new challenges that have direct impact on our lived environment, such as loss of biodiversity, resource scarcity, demographic changes, economical instability, as well as the increase in extreme climate events, are alarming for a collective commitment to upgrade approaches for future habitats. 

We must rethink the values, policies and strategies and envision new concepts that enable our lived environment to be in coherence with the nature and our society to be inclusive, just, and productive. As designers, architects and planners, as well as researchers and educators we ought to be the drivers for co-creating a sustainable habitat for the future.

DCW 2021, our second digital conference at Detmold School of Architecture and Interior Design, TH OWL, is envisioned as a platform for bringing together insights on these topics, re-evaluating the existing tools, methods, and design strategies for sustainable development but also investigating the trends and novel solutions. The complexity of our lived environment requires bringing together the fragmented levels of knowledge within the design and planning disciplines, but also beyond. 

Through the lens of our newly established Institute for Design Strategies (IDS), and the thematic clusters Regenerative Design, Human Centered Design, and Data Driven Design, our intention is to find synergy among the various scales of our lived environment and various aspects and values of sustainability discussing sustainable design strategies for future development dynamics.


1 WEEK \\ full of impulses, ideas and discussion with international researchers, representatives of international universities, partners from the economy and stakeholders from art, culture, the city and the region. We know how hard it can be to follow a digital conference with a full schedule, so our content is available on-demand even after the DCW 2021! 


1 REPORT \\ will document the DCW sessions as well as interdisciplinary articles, reports from our research activities, student impulses and more. Our objective is to continuously bundle the findings on current planning and social issues, as well as to provide them to the general public. So together with our own research findings, the output of the DCW will be published in a yearly IDS Trend Report (*working title) starting in 2022. 


2 LANGUAGES \\ the conference will have sessions either in german oder english. The on-demand content will be provided with subtitles in english for our international guests.


Participation in the conference is free of charge for students and members of TH OWL as well as for external guests!


DCW 2021

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DCW 2020 \\ DIGITAL - The Human Habitat in Times of Transformation

We are expanding our view! Especially in times when we are all particularly preoccupied with the topic of transformation. How can we develop sustainable tools, services and analyses that contribute to an improvement of the built environment? How can we accompany the transformation process of our cities and develop sustainable solutions that take into account the cultural heritage, the quality of life and the economic performance of city and countryside in equal measure? How can we make the interactions between people, space and objects visible and transfer them into knowledge for action for decision-makers and planning disciplines? We have investigated these questions and more on the basis of the thematic clusters Data Driven Design, Strategies for the Built Environment and Quality of Life in the Built Environment in order to work specifically on the social challenges of qualitative design of human living space.



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Johanna Julia Dorf, M.A. Innenarchitektur

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