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Projekt PUDCAD

Practicing Universal Design Principles in Design Education through a CAD-Based Game

The PUDCAS project is related to one of the foremost priorities of European Commission: to provide the inclusion and efficient accessibility of the people with disabilities into everyday life.

Regarding the European Universal Design Standards, and the current state of the universal design education in international networks, this project offers a design game on a CAD-Based platform which aims at students’ learning and practicing their universal design knowledge skills through an empathetic approach. It intends to provide an innovative way to learn and practice universal design principles for undergraduate students.

The project will deal with undergraduate design education to trigger the awareness of accessibility and let future designers and architects to develop accessible and innovative design ideas.

PUDCAD involves a design game on a CAD-based platform which will allow students to learn about basic and advanced universal design principles and train them on an entertaining context. The game will focus especially on inclusive high school design for the students with cerebral palsy that includes several distinct forms of impairment of motor functions which cause different movement disorders.

PUDCAD will run for three years. Project coordinator is the Faculty of Architecture of the Istanbul Technical University Istanbul. The project team consist of 6 further partners.