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Wild gardens on the rampart

Two budding landscape architects from the Ostwestfalen-Lippe University of Applied Sciences and Arts have won a statewide competition of young talents for the Landesgartenschau 2023 and are presenting their design on the rampart in Höxter.

Lena Louven from Kempten on the Niederrhein and Janina Wohlfahrt from Beverungen decided to give wild herbs such as thistle, stinging nettle and burdock a chance in their garden, even though they are usually mercilessly uprooted in our gardens. The prize money of 2.000 euros and the opportunity to implement their garden on the rampart in Höxter up to 2023 is a reason for joy for the two students.

The managing director of the Landesgartenschau in Höxter, Jan Holsteg, emphasizes the joy that two female students of the local university have won the competition. The competition, which was organized already for the tenth time by the federation of German landscape architects (bdla) and the implementation company of the "nordrhein-westfälischen Landesgartenschauen", received altogether 18 submissions.

The design of the two students is considered particularly innovative, as it shows how one can contribute to biodiversity with one's own garden and by not banishing weeds, but highlighting and staging them. They combine wild herbs such as nettle, thistle, burdock and cardoon with traditional garden perennials. The garden contains low clay walls made from the building material of Höxter's half-timbered houses, which allow insects to nest. The paths in the garden are covered with modern steel grids, under which green spaces are also created.

Martin Gasse, a landscape architect from Paderborn who was commissioned to run the competition, praises the interesting contrast between the urban metal and the green surroundings. The two students' garden is also low-maintenance and features shade trees as well as rest areas with seating cushions for visitors. Gasse is certain that the student garden on the rampart will provoke discussion and provocation among visitors during the State Garden Show. The garden deliberately sets a "wild" contrast to the perfect house gardens on the Wall. Claudia Koch, the managing director of the Landesgartenschau in Höxter, is also enthusiastic and expects many discussions about this outstanding contribution.

In addition to Lena Louven and Janina Wohlfahrt, four other student teams from the OWL University of Applied Sciences have also submitted their ideas for the competition. The designs can be viewed in the photo gallery.

The location is the Wall in Höxter under point 1 on the site plan.