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Entry requirements in North Rhine-Westphalia at Corona times

Visitors from so-called risk areas are obliged to register digitally at www.einreiseanmeldung.de before entering the country. Exceptions to the obligation to register apply in particular for 'small border traffic' - i.e. for a stay of less than 24 hours.

For people entering North Rhine-Westphalia from all risk areas listed by the Robert Koch Institute (apart from Great Britain and South Africa, for which the aforementioned rules apply), there is a quarantine obligationonly if they do not have an entry test. Entry testing must be fulfilled by rapid or PCR testing within a maximum of 48 hours before entry or immediately after entry.
Those who do not meet the testing requirement by rapid test but by PCR test must be quarantined until the result is received.
Unlike those entering from the United Kingdom and South Africa, those entering from all other risk areas are not subject to a ten- or five-day quarantine requirement.

Anyone who has entered or is entering North Rhine-Westphalia from Great Britain or South Africa is required to subsequently register with the public health department. These persons must immediately go into quarantine for ten days. The ten days are calculated from the day of departure from the countries concerned. In addition, affected persons must be tested for coronavirus immediately before or upon entry and then again after five days. If the test is negative after five days, the quarantine can be ended prematurely.
(Source: State portal of the state of NRW)

Further information can be found on the website of the Robert Koch Institute and on the state portal of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia or on the websites of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, for Construction and Home Affairs (BMI)

Infoportal TH OWL _Coronavirus

In the Infoportal TH OWL_Coronavirus, the TH OWL informs you about the current status of the coronavirus and the related impact on university operations.

Corona-Tracing at the TH OWL

Access to the premises of the university is only permitted to those persons who have properly checked in beforehand.

Due to the Corona pandemic, TH OWL is required to collect contact information from all persons present at the university: students, employees and guests. In the event of an infectious event, this data must be shared with public health authorities upon request to ensure traceability of infections.

TH OWL collects the data using its own tracing system, which can be used on various end devices (computer, tablet, smartphone). For this, however, the end devices must be configured beforehand.  For employees, guests and students, participation in the data collection is mandatory.

Here you will find instructions for installing the Corona Tracing App for all devices and systems: https://www.th-owl.de/skim/dokumentation/screencast-corona-tracing/