International Internship

A period of practical training can be integrated into the course of study at many points and offers the opportunity to combine the acquisition of experience abroad and professional experience in an ideal way - and to improve language skills at the same time. In some fields of study there are compulsory internships that can be completed at home or abroad, in others an internship abroad can be integrated into the course of study or the semester break. Graduate internships as well as practice-related theses are also eligible for funding.

Graduate/undergraduate students are eligible for funding through Erasmus+ if....

  •     they want to complete an internship in a public or private institution in one of the 34 participating program countries,
  •     they still have at least two months of Erasmus+ funding available from the previous phase of their studies or they have not been funded for more than ten months,
  •     they have been selected for funding by their home university within their last year of study of the respective study phase (Bachelor, Master, PhD),
  •     they are exmatriculated during the internship,
  •     the internship is completed within twelve months of their graduation.
  •     Due to the Corona pandemic, there is an exception for the 2019 and 2020 projects: graduate internships funded by these projects may be completed within eighteen (18) months of graduation.

Finding - Promotion - Financing

How can I find the fitting internship ?

The International Office helps

The International Office does not arrange internships. A good starting point for the search for an internship are e.g.:

 Current offers:

Erasmus+ Internship

In order to apply for an ERASMUS+ Scholarship, all documents must be submitted to the International Office completely and on time - i.e. at least 4 weeks before the start of the internship. Applications for graduate internship must be submitted prior to graduation. Please send all documents by e-mail to maryse.niemeier(at)

In the application folder belong:

you can use following support documents:

What kind of funding do I get?

The monthly grant amount depends on the destination country, as the funding rates are based on the respective cost of living. Uniform funding rates apply throughout Europe. In the project year 2020 (WiSe 2020 and SoSe 2021), the following funding rates apply:

What kind of funding do I get?

The monthly grant amount depends on the destination country, as the funding rates are based on the respective cost of living. Uniform funding rates apply throughout Europe. In the project year 2020 (WiSe 2020 and SoSe 2021), the following funding rates apply:

Erasmus+ Grant KA103 für Study and Internship

GroupCountriesStudy per monthInternship per month
1 (higher cost of living)Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Lu-xembourg, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom450 Euro+ 105 Euro
2 (Average cost of living)Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain390 Euro+ 105 Euro
3 (lower cost of living)Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Republic of Northern Macedonia, Turkey330 Euro+ 105 Euro

weitere Infos im Erasmus+ Flyer

PROMOS for internships outside Europe - for students

The DAAD's PROMOS program supports study, practical and language stays worldwide through partial scholarships, travel allowances and course fee allowances.

The funding rates are based on the usual DAAD rates. Scholarships cannot be extended beyond six months.

The following measures can be supported:

  •     Study scholarships (1 to 6 months)
  •     Internships (6 weeks to 6 months)
  •     Language courses (3 weeks to 6 months)
  •     Specialized courses (up to 6 weeks).
  •     Group, study and competition trips
  •     Tuition fees

Application deadline

    for the summer semester it is November 1
    for the winter semester it is May 1st.

Further information and documents on PROMOS are available from the International Office.

Scholarships of the TH OWL

Each year, the Ostwestfalen-Lippe University of Applied Sciences and the Hochschulgesellschaft Ostwestfalen-Lippe e.V. provide their students with funding for scholarships abroad.
There is a standard application deadline for the summer semester (November 1) and for the winter semester (May 1) each year.

  •     Go Global Praxis Scholarshipof the OWL University of Applied Sciences - for internships worldwide
  •     Women Worldwide Scholarship  of the OWL University of Applied Sciences - for internships worldwide.

General conditions:

  •     The minimum duration for a stay abroad is 2 months, maximum 2 semesters.
  •     Sponsorship is possible from the 3rd semester (BA) or the 1st semester (MA) onwards
  •     An application is only possible for one of the two programs. Exception: Double applications are possible for female students in the women worldwide  program.
  •     A stay abroad in the country of one's own citizenship/native language, in German-speaking countries or at German-speaking institutions abroad is not supported
  •     Students who have already received a scholarship from TH OWL / Hochschulgesellschaft OWL e.V. cannot be funded again in the same study phase (BA/MA).
  •     Co-financing/exhaustion of other funding is possible in consultation with the International Office.
  •     Letter of motivation outlining personal goals and concrete preparation for the stay abroad.

The following documents must be submitted:

  •     Curriculum vitae in tabular form with photo
  •     Proof of enrollment at the TH OWL
  •     Overview of previous studies and examinations with indication of grade point average
  •     Individual expert opinion of a professor about the professional and personal qualification
  •     Proof of sufficient foreign language skills (only if relevant for admission abroad)
  •     Confirmation of receipt of a study or internship place (can be submitted later)
  •     Cost and financing plan: Comparison of the expected costs and the available sources of funding.

Scholarships are awarded twice a year.
The application deadline is always May 1 for the following winter semester and November 1 for the following summer semester.
Please send all documents in one PDF file by e-mail to maryse.niemeier(at)

Further information in the flyer.


BAföG - German Federal loan for Training and Education Promotion

Due to the sometimes higher additional costs that a stay abroad entails, students can additionally apply for Auslands-BAfög if the activities planned abroad are eligible for funding. If you receive BAföG in Germany, you will probably also receive BAföG abroad. If you do not receive BAföG in Germany, you are still entitled to Auslands-BAföG. Due to the higher costs abroad, many more of you will be eligible for state funding.

The prerequisite for applying for BAföG abroad is that a part of the study work done abroad can be credited to the study carried out in Germany. Whether an internship abroad can be funded must be clarified directly with the responsible office for education funding. Sufficient language skills are required in any case. It is therefore worthwhile in any case to inform yourself in good time.

The application for BAföG abroad must be submitted at least six months before the start of the stay abroad!

Here you can find more information about the Auslands-BAföG, as well as on the website of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

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