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International Internship

An internship can be integrated into your studies in many places and offers the opportunity to ideally combine the acquisition of international experience and professional experience - and improve your language skills at the same time.
In some subjects, there are compulsory internships that can be completed in Germany or abroad, while in others an internship abroad can be integrated into the course of study or the semester break.

  •     The Erasmus+ Internship program offers the opportunity to combine long-term (2 to 12 months) and short-term (minimum 5 and maximum 30 days) stays abroad with virtual phases at home in order to complete an internship.
    An Erasmus+ mobility grant can only be awarded for the duration of the stay abroad. There are no time limits for the virtual component.    Graduate internships and practice-related theses are also eligible for funding.
  •  The IAESTE "International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience" arranges professional internships abroad for students of all technical and scientific disciplines.
  • Our "Professional Experience Program New York" offers you the opportunity to gain an insight into American working culture and gain practical work experience in the New York metropolitan region.
    The 3-month PEP program usually takes place from the end of April to the end of July each year.
  • Tips for finding an internship.
  • Funding opportunities

We organize an information event on the topic of "Internships abroad" once a semester. You can upload the most recent presentations.