abroad with Erasmus+ partner countries (KA107)

Das Stipendienprogramm ERASMUS+ Partnerländer fördert einen Studien- bzw- Praktikumsaufenthalt an Hochschulen in der EU bzw. weltweit, die am Projekt teilnehmen
Description of the project

In the Erasmus+ cooperation with partners from non-European countries (KA 107), exchange agreements are concluded with selected partner universities.

Funding for this program area is tied to specific nations and partner institutions that have been approved upon application.

Mobility of students, university teachers and university staff to Germany (incoming) and from Germany (outgoing) is supported:

    Student mobility (Bachelor, Master, Doctorate) is supported with a duration of 3 to 12 months.
    The mobility of university staff (teaching, further education and training) can be supported over a period of five days to two months.

The following Erasmus+ partner country programs are currently active.a
Who can participate in the Erasmus+ KA107 ?

Funding is available for studies at a partner university in a partner country or in Germany and/or for an internship in an organization in a partner country or in Germany.

Funding is also provided for the mobility of university teachers and staff:

  • mobility for teaching purposes: University teachers have the opportunity to teach abroad. This is possible in every subject area.
  • Mobility for further education and training purposes: University staff can be supported in their professional development - through further training abroad (no conferences) and through job shadowing/hospiting/training at a partner university or at a corresponding institution abroad.

    Who can apply:
  • all students enrolled at the TH OWL in a course of study leading to a recognized degree (guest students cannot participate in ERASMUS+)
  • Bachelor students can participate from the 3rd semester, Master students from the 1st semester
  • Planned study project at the partner university: 3 to maximum 12 months
  • Mobilities for internship purposes are also encouraged.
  • university teachers and university staff to Germany (incoming) and from Germany (outgoing)


  • the university has received project funding for mobility with partner countries
  • the home university and the host university have concluded an Erasmus cooperation agreement
Welche Förderung bekomme ich ?

Monatliche Zuschüsse sowie Zuschüsse zu den Reisekosten

SM - Studierendenmobilität zu Studien- oder Praktikumszwecken

DeutschlandPartnerland700,00 EUR pro Monat
PartnerlandDeutschland850,00 EUR pro Monat

ST – Mobilität zu Lehr-, Fort- und Weiterbildungszwecken

EntsendelandZiellandBetrag (Kosten je Einheit) bis einschließlich 14. Fördertag des AufenthaltsBetrag (Kosten je Einheit) ab 15. Fördertag des Aufenthalts
DeutschlandPartnerland180,00 Euro pro Tag126,00 EUR pro Tag
PartnerlandDeutschland160,00 Euro pro Tag112,00 EUR pro Tag

Bewerbungsdeadlines zu erfragen im International Office

Application process KA107

The following application deadlines apply to students:

For the following winter semester:
- 1st  January for a university in the KA107 program with an Erasmus+ grant

For the following summer semester:
- 1st  July for a university in the KA107 program with an Erasmus+ grant

Even after these dates, it is worth asking the International Office for remaining places.

What documents must I submit?

You must submit the following documents to the International Office on time

  • Application form KA 107
  • Motivation letter in English
  • CV in English
  • Certificate of matriculation
  • current transcript of Records
  • Proof of your language skills in the language of instruction
  • Portfolio (only for the faculty of Architecture and interior Architecture FB1)

Please send all documents in one PDF by e-mail to Maryse Niemeier.

What happens next?

After you have submitted your application documents to the International Office, your application will be reviewed by a selection committee and an interview may be conducted.

The university staff should contact the project manager(s) of the respective department or contact the International Office of the TH OWL.