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Recognition of academic achievements from abroad

In order to recognize the work performed abroad, the learning agreement (study contract) must be agreed BEFORE the stay. This specifies which courses are taken abroad and which courses in the curriculum are replaced by them. Information about the content and scope of the courses to be completed abroad must be available.

That's how it works:

1. On the website of the host university you can find out about the courses on offer (the International Office can help if necessary).
2. Check whether the courses described there are also offered in the semester in which the host university is attended.
3. Agree on the desired courses with the international coordinator in the departments. The following is required for this:

4. Even if there is no current course offer, a signed learning agreement must be available before the stay. This can still be revised on site.
5. The learning agreement must be signed by the student and the department coordinator.
6. The form is then sent to the host university, where it is also signed (this only applies to the ERASMUS program).
7. In order to recognize the achievements after the stay, submit the Learning Agreement signed by all sides together with the transcript of records to the examination office. If necessary, a signature from the chairman of the examination board may also be required to confirm the recognition.